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Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC’s team of licensed applicators ensures that your Ashland lawn is always getting the nutrients and attention that it needs.

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The majority of our customers live in the Embreeville - Ashland area, so we are always checking in on our lawns and responding to any service calls in a quick manner.

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We utilize state of the art equipment to deliver the exact amount of fertilizer that your lawn needs throughout spring, summer, and fall, while treating any weeds that may be present during each visit. We also aerate and seed in the fall to build an even thicker and greener lawn the following spring.

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Our lawn care treatments are always applied in a safe and professional manner. We only “spot-spray” weeds, meaning weed control is only applied when and were needed. We are not one of the national franchise companies that spray pesticides over the entire lawn when it is not required.

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Call us today to schedule a free lawn care consultation to find out how we can give you the green lawn you’ve been yearning for!

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