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Tree & Shrub Insect Control Why should I consider Insect Control for my trees and shrubs?

Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC is always happy to come out and give you a free evaluation of your trees and shrubs. If in doubt here are some common signs of insects:

Leaves Curling Holes in Leaves Spider Webs

Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC Professional tree and shrub insect control program is based on the principles of Integrated Pest Management. IPM is a combination of observations, treatments and procedures to limit or reduce the impacts of a pest on a certain environment.

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Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC professionally licensed and trained insect control specialist will first come out to your property and walk through your landscape and identify potential problems located on your trees and shrubs.

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Once the pest or problem is identified various treatments can be provided to reduce or eliminate pests. These treatments are as follows:

Foliar insect sprays Foliar disease sprays Systemic insecticides Systemic fungicides

Once the problem is addressed, we will help with prevention treatments to control the pest population. Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC professionally trained technicians will educate you on how to identify the problem and what steps can be taken to keep the insect population down. Our service is very interactive and if at any point if you have further questions, Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC Pest and Insect control technicians make free service calls to answer all questions.

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If the problem is related to watering, we can give recommendations to water requirements for various tree and shrub species.

Questions from the field: I think my trees and shrubs have been infested with insects, now what?

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Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC provides two options to both their residential and commercial customers.

The first option (recommended) for best results we recommend the annual insect control program. The yearly program traditionally begins in March and goes through October, weather permitting. Benefits of the program include:

Regular visits every 5 – 7 weeks by a professionally licensed and trained during the growing season. Licensed technicians take care of all existing trees, shrubs and perennials. Service guarantee, if at any time between treatments an issue is spotted, a Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC licensed technician will schedule a service call at no additional charge. A customized liquid application based on current time of year and insects present.

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The second option is a onetime spot treatment applied by one of Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC licensed technicians on infested areas.

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An example of our custom applications includes, Dormant oil in early spring and late fall which kills eggs of scales and mites. We also can spray for Cottling moths on trees and plants.

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