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Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC trained, educated & certified professional Arborists promote safe work practices and environmental stewardship.

Our team of highly skilled and accredited Arborists provides our clients with the highest-quality tree care and customer service. With expert knowledge, professional service and a commitment to environmentally sensible practices, we preserve the vitality of trees and enhance the surrounding landscapes.

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Tree Care Services We are Arborists and tree care experts, devoted to our entire service portfolio to trees. Our team of arborists offer expert tree removals, tree pruning services, soil enhancement for the health of your trees, stump removals, tree structural reinforcement for weak branches a& tree trunks.

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For home owners and property & estate managers our arborists can provide assistance with tree removal permits and applications. We provide property managers with site specific, tree specific consultation and solutions for ongoing tree management plans. This focused approach to our specialty is why Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC is your best source for effective tree care solutions. Our knowledge of trees is the best available to home owners and property managers within the Greater Brookside, DE area. We have an extraordinary understanding of tree biology, Arboricultural Science, safe work practices, and municipal tree preservation

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Tree Pest & Disease Control Insect populations and diseases go through natural cycles that maintain the balance in our ecosystems. In urban settings these natural cycles are disturbed causing infestations and outbreaks to get out of control.

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Pests and disease attack a tree’s natural immune system causing damage and shortening its life span. An Advanced Tree Care expert will assess your tree to accurately identify the problem and determine the right care plan.

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As an environmentally responsible company Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC promotes using non-chemical controls as the first line of defense. Allowing a tree to fight problems naturally improves its overall health and vigor. In extreme cases however, the tree may be unable to fight the problem on its own and pesticides would be recommended to speed recovery.

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If left untreated, pests like Gypsy Moths, Eastern Tent Caterpillars, Spring & Fall Cankerworm or more exotic insects like the Asian Long-Horned Beetle and Emerald Ash Borer, can fatally impair not only your tree but entire tree populations. Diseases such as Oak Wilt, Verticillium Wilt, Fireblight and Nectria Canker, if left unmanaged, threaten to do the same.

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