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OUR SERVICES From pruning to stump grinding, we offer every service you could need to keep your trees healthy and secure. All our services » WHY US? What is it that makes Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC so much better than all the other options? It's simple, really.

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Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC would like to share a few of the reasons why this company is a cut above the competition. It goes without saying that all tree services are not equal. I have seen some sad and irreversible damage done to trees that were once majestic. In order to preserve the health and beauty of your trees while ensuring your satisfaction, we employ seven very important practices which are the secret to our success. When all is said and done, you want to look at your trees and say “WOW!”

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Money-Back Guarantee We believe to such a degree that if we don’t do what we say we’ll do, YOU DON’T PAY. Insurance Ask to see my scar. Yes, accidents do happen! As careful as we are, personal injuries are always a possibility. That’s why my crew is covered with occupational injury and short-term disability insurance. It pays to BE SMART.

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Meet for Quote I know you’re busy but there are unscrupulous and/or inexperienced people out there that ruin trees. They may have no clue how to prune a tree. The only way to get an idea of who you are Greenvilleing with is to meet them in person.

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Qualified Crew The reason I can offer a money-back guarantee is because I have the utmost confidence in my crew – they are knowledgeable professionals who will treat your trees with great care and respect. My bilingual foreman has many years of experience and the crew has a great work ethic. You’d be hard pressed to find a more outstanding crew.

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Disinfect Equipment Would you want your doctor to operate on you with a dirty scalpel?! We disinfect all chainsaws, hand saws, and anything else we might use to make a cut on your trees. Guaranteed.

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Pruning Philosophy Some tree services remove so many lower branches that you have to crane your neck to see the first branch. Stripping too many leaves and limbs is like removing a tree’s lungs. Trust me, the chainsaw is not the answer to everything. I’m always happy to discuss my philosophy of pruning with you to make sure we’re on the same page. You don’t want your trees over pruned!

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Brush Removal Why should you, the client, have to pull out your rake to clean up after the “professionals”? Except for large tree removals, my policy is to chip and haul off your debris as soon as the job is finished. No unsightly piles or divots in your lawn.

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