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We are professional tree pruning experts with over 18 years of experience helping people with their tree service needs.

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From trimming and removing trees and shrubs to offering advice on the health of your tree, we offer friendly personal service, backed by a dedicated staff and heavy equipment to do the job.

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We specialize in the removal of large trees, including the most difficult, hazardous and in- accessible trees.

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In addition to residential work, Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC has been a long time contractor for Childs, MD businesses and large property owners. Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC Tree also works for many local businesses.

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Over the years we have built up an array of equipment suited to accommodate all projects within Childs, MD.

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We really enjoy the puzzle of every tree; How healthy is it? What has happened to it over the years? What is the best pruning for it, or, often, how can we remove it safely and efficiently at the lowest cost to the owner?

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