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Maintaining the Natural Health of Your Trees


Pruning is probably the most important procedure to maintain and ensure the natural growth and aesthetics of the tree. There are several types and reasons for pruning depending on the circumstances.

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Tree Removal

Tree removal is necessary when a tree is dead, damaged or in decline which will eventually become a hazard and liability if not removed.

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Emergency Storm Damage

Emergency Storm Damage During severe thunderstorms, there is a lot of unexpected storm damage. We will respond within one hour of your phone call if you are inside our service area. For emergency storm damage call (302) 218-0173.

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Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC is a locally based tree company proudly serving Concordville, PA. Our objective is to provide a seasonal maintenance program to promote the natural health and growth for the life of your trees.

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Trees are a very important and valuable asset to your property. They provide us with many benefits throughout the year, but they can also become a hazard and liability if not properly cared for. In order to maintain your trees we recommend that your trees be inspected and evaluated every year.

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This ensures their natural health and eliminates any possible hazards that could cause potential property damage or personal injury from dying, damaged or neglected trees.

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Safety is our first priority. Our staff is committed to following industry standards for safety guidelines and procedures. This promotes a safe work environment and reduces the hazards and liability that could cause personal injury or property damage.

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