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We customize tree and ornamental plant care programs for your property's unique microenvironment and to address the specific needs of your landscape plants.

Our fertilization will improve the health and appearance of your trees and shrubs.

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Our 18 years of experience in diagnosing plant problems help us design a program that will control insects or disease problems that are problems on “your” landscape. Disease Problems

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Disease problems on trees are common on dogwoods, crabapples, hawthorn and even shrubs like privet and azalea. But spruce and fir are also vulnerable.

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The only way to head off a fungus attack is with a preventative program of sprays that begins in May.. We schedule 3 or 4 protective treatments that are spaced about every twenty days to provide continuous protective coating that wards off infection.

Insect Problems

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There are many different insects that attack shrubs. From lace bugs that eat rhoddies to scale insects that attack Magnolia, euonymus, Privet, and cherries. The good news is we are familiar with how to control them and help you plants recover from their damage. Depending on the severity of the infestation a program for insects can be as simple as one or two sprays while some problems can require four control treatment.

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Please have us review your property and we can determine exactly what is needed free of charge - Please check the box for tree care on the contact form.

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