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With over 18 years of experience in lawn care, treatment, and planting, Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC provides you with expert services in Tree care.

Our technicians have gone through extensive training and certification and are licensed and insured by the state of Delaware. We take your lawn from boring and brown, to lush and green with professional weeding, treatments, and seeding.

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Installation and service of seeding

Soil testing

Core aeration for seed preparation

Limestone applications

Turf and shrub fertilization program

Insect and disease control

Mole, geese, and ant control applications

Bed treatments for weed control

Flea, grub, and mosquito control

Inspections and evaluations

FREE consultations

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Update the look of your home with a beautiful and full lawn. With our core aeration and soil seeding, your lawn will look lush and green within the season. If your lawn isn't up to par, call the professionals at Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC we provide seeding and aeration throughout any season.

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• It permits the soil to have free movement of water, fertilizer, and air to the roots of the grass.

• It removes cores from your lawn to relieve complications in the soil and give the roots room to grow.

• It removes the thatch partially to speed the decomposition process.

• It works along with seeding to allow hard to grow areas to perform better.

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This watering schedule will help the seed grow a strong and deep root system, allowing it to perform better in dry conditions.

Avoid walking on new seeded areas until the seed has germinated and has a strong root system.

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A seed starter fertilizer should be applied to help with germination and development.

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Avoid weed control for at least 10-13 weeks.

  • Spray Pesticides on Tree Disease Embreeville

Do not cut lawn until it has grown at least 3 inches high.

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