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Most of the lawns in Fair Hill and the surrounding towns need proper nutrient for fertilization, however that doesn't mean that every lawn has the same needs.

Soil conditions, grass type and density, amount of shade and cultural practices are among the many factors that help determine the best course of action for a quality lawn care program. What works for one property in Fair Hill doesn't necessarily work for another lawn.

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The one thing that all lawns have in common is that a good lawn care program will greatly enhance the health and appearance of your lawn. Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC will tailor one of our lawn care programs to your lawn and budget.

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Premium Lawn Care

We will make 7 scheduled visits throughout the year, providing your lawn with proper fertilization, weed control, soil conditioning and ongoing expert analysis. We will always communicate with you regarding the health and appearance of your lawn. We will offer tips and advice along the way, so you will always know what needs to be done in order to get the very best results. This customized program, along with good mowing and watering practices, provides your lawn with the basic needs for an attractive and healthy lawn throughout the growing season.

Estate Lawn Care

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Lawn diseases and insect pests are common problems in residential lawns in Fair Hill. Our Estate Lawn Care program provides your lawn with the same benefits as our Premium program, plus added protection from damaging insect and disease pests. This enhanced program includes 10 scheduled visits throughout the year to provide your lawn with proper fertility, weed control, insect and disease control, soil conditioning and ongoing expert analysis.

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Supplemental Services Core Aeration

Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC performs Double Core Aeration, removing twice as many cores from your soil as other aeration services. Double Core Aeration helps to improve soil structure, root health and the overall appearance of your lawn.

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Without regular aeration, your lawn can suffer from excessive thatch buildup, soil compaction, and poor water and nutrient availability. Having your lawn aerated once a year will help promote healthy new root growth, by allowing oxygen, water and nutrients to reach the root zone of your lawn, as well as improving beneficial microbial activity in the soil, and reducing the buildup of harmful materials.

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Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC is a highly recommended service for any lawn, so if you are interested in promoting healthy soil and turf, contact us to ask about our aeration services. Learn more about the benefits of Core Aeration in this blog post.

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