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Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC is committed to providing superior tree care services with care and safety in mind.

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Proper insurance, including workman’s comp and general liability, is strictly maintained, and certificates are always available to homeowners and can be supplied upon request.

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It may surprise you, but most established landscapes and mature trees do not need additional fertilization. Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC advises fertilizing the first 4-5 years after planting and monitoring the new growth year to year.

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Our recommendation is one application per year, either in early spring or late fall. This tree & shrub fertilizer application is 80% slow release, providing adequate nutrients for your plants throughout most of the growing season. Fertilization is one of the most affordable ways to get your new plants off to a good start.

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The iGreenville setting for plant nutrition is a forest floor, layered with leaves that decompose and become fertilizer while helping maintain soil moisture and temperatures.

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Mulch serves the same purpose in the urban setting, and most types of wood mulch that break down and enhance the soil are solid choices. However, we recommend against placing plastic under the mulch, as this defeats the purpose of decomposing mulch mixing with and improving the soil.

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In addition, you can protect young trees from mowers and trimmers by placing a 3-5” mulch ring around them, though not against the trunk.

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