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Glen Mills Lawn Seeding Services

Lawn seeding is the foundation of every great lawn and also provides the most dramatic change when done properly. Your lawn will be thicker, greener, and healthier after seeding.

When is the Best Time to Seed a Lawn?

Timing is critical to the success of lawn seeding. In Delaware, the best time to seed a lawn is in the fall (end of August through October). This is when temperatures are optimal and rain has returned to the area.

Seeding Methods

There are two main methods of seeding a lawn. The most popular is combining aeration with broadcast seeding. Aeration removes thousands of tiny plugs of soil through the use of an aeration machine. The plugs then lay on top of the lawn and begin to decompose. This also leaves small holes where the plugs of soil were removed. Quality grass seed is then broadcast over the entire lawn, putting the seed in contact with the soil

Another method of seeding is referred to as slice seeding, or slit seeding. A slice seeder is a machine with spinning blades on the bottom that slice shallow slits in the soil. The slice seeder then drops the seed into the slits, putting the seed in direct contact with the soil for improved germination.

Benefits of Seeding a Lawn

Seeding is a tremendous benefit to your lawn. The obvious benefit of seeding is that it fills in bare spots and thickens your lawn. However, seeding also improves the overall long term health of your lawn. Every year, new and improved grass varieties are created that are more drought, insect, and disease resistant. When Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC seeds, these improved grass types are being introduced into your lawn to set it up for long term success.

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