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Professional Lawn Care Services for Homeowners and Businesses in Lima, PA

Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC When homeowners and businesses in Lima, Delaware, require superior lawn care and great service, they turn to King GREEN.

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Our company, which was founded in 1987 by turf grass, will utilize a combination of liquid and dry lawn care products to keep your grass healthy and looking great throughout the year.

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Because every lawn is unique, we will tailor our treatments to best suit the specific type of grass you have, be it a warm-season grass like Bermuda or Zoysia, or a cool-season grass like Fescue.

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Our standard yearly lawn care service entails periodic applications of fertilizer, regular weed control, and a limestone supplement in the summer or winter for the purposes of conditioning your soil. King GREEN also provides the following specialty services:

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Soil aeration – Aerating your lawn once annually will help it to achieve optimal health. If you have a Fescue lawn, it will need to be overseed in the fall as well. Fungicide applications – Using a fungicide product, we can eradicate the unsightly brown spots on your lawn that are caused fungus.

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Lawn renovation – If your lawn has truly depreciated, let Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC renovate it! Our lawn renovation service involves the application of a non-selective herbicide to kill of all the remaining foliage, followed by dethatching and raking, soil aeration, and seeding. Think of this specialty lawn care service as starting over from square one.

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In Lima, Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC is also licensed to treat for subterranean termites, fire ants, ticks, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and other pests that commonly pose a nuisance in and around the home.

To learn more, contact Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC today. We provide expert lawn care and pest control services in Lima, PA and other communities throughout the area.

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