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Earth Kind Services provides an organic solution to enrich your soil to have a healthy, green lawn in Marshallton, Delaware. Our unique service is to apply Organic Compost as a Lawn Top Dressing, it gets results. Feel good about what you put on your lawn that your kids and pets play on. It does what fertilizing alone can’t, breathing fresh life into depleted soils. The benefits are amazing: Grass roots grow deeper and denser. Bare spots in grass fill in due to rich nutrient environment.

Save money by using less water, have less lawn insects and lawn disease problems such as Take All Patch (take all root rot). Compost feeds the soil microbes & earthworms that release nutrients, relieving compaction and thatch problems. The soil food web needs diversity of fungus, bacteria, and other living things in your soil to feed your plants.

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Whether you use organic lawn care and organic fertilizer or synthetic products your landscape will get long term benefits from our Organic Compost Lawn Topdressing. Spring & Fall are excellent times to have compost spread on your lawn as a complement to your lawn fertilizing program.

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Lawn core aeration before the compost will allow it to go deeper into the soil profile. We have special blends for sports fields and soccer fields such as 50/50 blend of fine compost and sand. Compost over-seeding is an alternative to hydro-seeding, which provides more organic matter to new seedlings and retains moisture for their growth. Schedule for lawn renovation: Fall- we seed Fescue grass. Spring & Summer -we seed Bermuda and Buffalo grass when temperatures are warm enough, as well as any native grasses or wildflowers.

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We can also do soil prep for sodding where we incorporate 1” compost into the soil by roto-tilling and/or bring in soil to fill in low spots caused by erosion. When done we can also install sod: St. Augustine, Bermuda, & Zoysia.

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On existing lawns, we can provide lawn leveling to fill in holes and divots that develop over time. Delivery and spreading is also available for Dyno Dirt, Dyno Soil, Plano Pure, Marshallton Pure Topdressing, Native Hardwood Mulch.

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In Marshallton the soil really benefits when adding organic matter. Our Organic compost is composted for 6 to 12 months. There is no bad smell when we apply it to your lawn since our compost is fully composted. Call (302) 218-0173 or click on FREE ESTIMATES tab, usually done the same day.

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