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The plants growing in your yard or on your grounds endure very different conditions than the natural ecosystem in which they evolved. The stresses of poor soil, injury, and misguided “care” all cause problems for trees and shrubs.

Often the first step is to assess what you have, and prioritize care. Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC is licensed by the State of Delaware as Licensed Tree Care Operators (LTCO), passing a stringent guideline of best practices and standards; we can meet with you to go over your concerns and make recommendations. This is especially recommended for new homeowners, or if you have let your landscape go for a while.

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Selection and Planting

A plant in the right place has a much better chance to thrive. The trees and shrubs that are native to Montchanin are survivors, adapted to our unique weather and soil conditions.

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Your lawn/property is unique, and a team member can help you choose the best course of action for saving, pruning, or perhaps removing if too far gone to save.

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Out of practical necessity, almost all trees are grown in nurseries and transplanted. Establishment is a critical stage in their long-term viability. Even a carefully chosen, healthy tree from the nursery will suffer from being planted too deep, staked too long, or improperly handled. Have Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC plant your tree the right way to give it the best chance at long life.

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Roots and soil - the tree underground

In nature, there is no leaf pick-up or brush removal service. Most organic matter falls to the forest floor, where the many decomposers cycle it back to the soil. We can help replenish the soil with proper fertilization, mulching, inoculating with beneficial organisms, and by adding missing minerals. This three-pronged approach improves the chemical, biological, structural aspects of the rooting area.

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Support systems

An otherwise healthy tree with a structural weakness may be a good candidate for additional support. Modern support systems allow the tree to continue to support itself, rather than hold it tightly under tension. Why is this important? Trees naturally reinforce their weak spots. You may have seen a ridge of wood running down the trunk of a mature tree. There is certainly a crack inside, and the tree is adding more wood where it needs it most.

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On the other hand, when trees are held together with hardware, they don’t develop this extra wood in reaction to stress. It’s analogous to exercise. If branches are allowed to move in the breeze, the tree will be more resistant to breaking when strong winds blow. The cable is there to give an extra measure of support when winds are heavy.

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