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Trees are one of the most expensive and beautiful items in a landscape. They also provide so many benefits to our environment. Let us help keep yours doing just that for a very long time to come.

Leave the Hard Tree Maintenance Work to Us

Tree work can be physically demanding and it can be dangerous. Our trained tree crews and arborists take this work load off your shoulders and free up your day. When you use us, you are relieved of any backbreaking tasks.

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The New London Township, PA heat can be especially hard to work in. We do this daily so know how to do it right the first time. When we provide our skilled tree care work to our customers we leave the work site clean and put back any items we moved while performing the work. We remove any hazards before we start work if possible and take every precaution for safety of your property, family and pets. We are fully insured so you are completely covered.

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Work Sites Are Kept Safe Work Sites Are Cleaned Property Is Protected During Work Trained Crews

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Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC has built its business on standing by our work. Our work ethic means we work hard to provide our customers with the best service in the valley.

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Our Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC staff is engaged in ongoing training and quality of work is paramount. We make the time to put every effort needed in the job as though it were our own property. Our palm tree removal service is second to none We take the pain out of cactus removal!

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Trust Our Tree Services for Safety

We live in an area that has a number of beautiful trees. Whether they are tall and stately or short and stubby trees can provide safety, shelter, shade, and serenity for all creatures great and small.

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While we know that trees can be beneficial in a variety of ways, we also know that from their highest branches to their deepest roots, they can sometimes cause problems. When this happens, call on the best tree your area has to offer.

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