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Year-Round Dependability. Our seasoned staff of professionals will be there when you need us all year long. From simple tree and shrub pruning, to removal of fallen trees during a storm.

We deliver these results with our year-round staff of field and office professionals who understand your expectations and understand what landscaping works best for the Newark, DE area. Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC annual programs will keep you covered through every season.

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Quality At Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC, we're not satisfied until you're completely happy with the service you've received. Every element of your landscape will benefit from the utmost in quality care, and you can rest assured that Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC will use only the finest materials.

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Trees and shrubs are essential to normal human life. They clean the air that we breathe; they produce oxygen, purify water, and provide homes to wildlife. They must be protected. Here at Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC we believe that the utmost care should be given to your trees and shrubs on your property. Your successful Plant Health Care (PHC) program will add value to your landscape, but also to your health and well being.

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Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC uses a closed injection system which directly and safely infuses pest control, disease control, and nutritional products with reduced environmental exposure. This means fewer chemicals in the environment. Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC was one of the few companies in the Newark that offers this service.

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When you see us treating your landscape, it looks like your trees are set up on a “Tree I.V.”, which it is. This process moves the treatment through the inner layers of the tree, for a quicker application to the targeted area and a more effective treatment.

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One pest that has made the news lately is the Emerald Ash Borer, a devastating pest which has already destroyed over 20 million trees in Michigan and has been found in Newark. If you have an EAB infestation, let us help you manage it.

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Our aim is to use the best professional products in the market today and to continually improve on that level of excellence. With our Tree and Shrub program we will help keep your landscape investment healthy and beautiful.

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