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Welcome to Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC, the perfect choice for both you and your lawn. We have been in the lawn care service business since 1996. With such an experience behind us, we have the courage to say that there is no other lawn maintenance service provider in Pocopson, DE. Please take your time to read our website. We are sure you will be amazed by the things we’ve done since we entered the landscaping, lawn maintenance and other services.

Accepting new customers For Fall Clean-up Let us present you our lawn care and maintenance services:

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One of our lawn projects Your lawn faces a variety of issues throughout the year, from pests and weeds to changing weather conditions. It is extremely important for you to hire a lawn care service on a regular basis if you want your landscape to look its best all year round. Our lawn maintenance plan offers exactly that. Here is what we can do for you:

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Health analysis. Our specialists are more than able to perform a thorough inspection of your lawn. Only after we have all the information about soil condition, climate, lawn usage and grass type, will we implement a lawn maintenance plan that guarantees the health and beauty of your lawn, all year round. Call our skilled crew on (302) 218-0173.

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Affordable lawn care Fertilization. The key for a healthy lawn is a steady supply of nutrients. (302) 218-0173 Service uses slow-release fertilizer which ensures your lawn gets the right amount of nutrients. If you choose to sign up with us, we will make sure your lawn is fertilized on a regular basis, steadily and over a gradual period.

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Weed control. The biggest nightmare of any homeowner is a lawn full of weeds. Constantly fighting for space, water and nutrients, weeds kill healthy grass and steadily take over your lawn if you don’t hire a lawn care service.

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Our workers know exactly when is the right time to apply proper treatment so that the weeds will be stopped from showing up in the first place. Find us at (302) 218-0173.

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