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Trees in urban and suburban communities are often growing near homes or other high value amenities. Removing these trees can be very challenging. Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC specializes in tree removals and excels at performing difficult removals that require highly trained personnel and specialized equipment.

Residential Tree Inspection

If you think your tree might have a problem but you’re not sure what it is, it might be time to call in the experts. Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC has several ISA Certified Arborists on staff. These “tree doctors” are trained in every facet of arboriculture, have passed extensive examination, and possess several years of working experience in the tree care industry. Once you request an arborist inspection, we will send one of our Certified Arborists to your property to complete a residential tree inspection to diagnose your trees and assess their needs.

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When visiting your property, our arborists perform a residential tree inspection. They analyze your trees’ overall health and suggest options to improve on that health and ensure the safety of your trees. Our tree doctors look for signs of tree disease, insect damage, soil and root issues, general tree care and maintenance needs, and every aspect of proper tree care. After our experts do a thorough inspection, they will create a treatment plan to resolve any issues they found.

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Some of the suggestions they may include:

Tree cabling & bracing Lightning protection systems Tree removal Tree pruning Fertilization Soil care Plant health care treatments

If additional testing and associated fees are required for diagnosis the Certified Arborist will inform you of the costs. Let our tree doctors take the guesswork out of what’s ailing your tree!

Residential Tree Removal

Even when a tree is well cared for, sometimes situations develop which require that a tree be removed. This can occur when a tree is damaged by a storm or through insect or disease or when the tree becomes a hazard or an inconvenience in its location. When this occurs, Ping’s can provide you with the residential tree removal service you need.

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Tree removal can be a dangerous endeavor for an untrained person so you should never take the risk of doing it yourself. When you have a tree that you suspect must be removed, it is wise to call a professional tree care company that is TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association) accredited as Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC. Our Certified Arborists know how to properly evaluate your tree and will work with you to guarantee a safe and efficient. We remove trees all year round, so you can call us anytime. However, the best time to remove trees is at the first sign of death and decay rather than waiting until an emergency arises.

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You can trust that our tree-removal experts have the knowledge and experience to handle any tree removal (along with accompanying services such as chipping, wood removal, stump grinding, and bucket and crane service), whether the project is routine or complicated. Even difficult tree removals, such as large tree removals, emergency tree removals, or those requiring the use of cranes or complex riggings, are not a problem for the highly trained staff at Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC.

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Chipping Service

Removing piles of unwanted brush such as limbs, sticks, and logs is simple with our chipping service. We can bring a chipper to you and turn your pile of branches into a much smaller pile of wood chips. Then we will haul the chips away and dispose of them in a safe and ecological way, or if you prefer, you can keep the chips for your landscaping needs. There is a one-hour minimum rate to provide this service. Call us for a free quote and let us help you get your yard cleaned up in a hurry.

Stump Grinding

Tree stumps can be an unsightly nuisance, and often provide a habitat for unwanted pests and diseases. Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC has the right equipment and know-how to properly and safely grind down tree stumps below grade or further, depending on your future plans for that space. One of our experts will be happy to take a look at your stump and recommend your options for Greenvilleing with it.

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Bucket & Crane Service and Aerial Lift Devices

When it comes to tree care, some cases are just more difficult than others. Trees that are extremely tall or located in tight spaces can be a challenge when they need to be trimmed or taken down. But for Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC, it’s no problem. We have all the right equipment to easily access any tree requiring care or removal. Each of our crews is equipped with an aerial lift device that can reach 50 to 90 feet above the ground. For extremely large trees, we have a fleet of three different sized cranes. No matter how tall or inaccessible your tree may be, you can rest assured that Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC will trim or remove it in the same safe and professional manner with which we conduct all our tree work.

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