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Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC provide holistic and preventive approaches to enhance the environment in which trees and shrub grow.

Many insect and disease problems can be prevented by correcting cultural conditions and sources of stress. Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC programs are on-going and developed specifically for each property. We identify the cause of stress and work to eradicate it. In some cases, this means fertilization or insect treatment. It almost always includes improving the growing conditions for the root system.

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Many insect and disease problems can be prevented by correcting cultural conditions and sources of stress. With active infestations or infections, we utilize eco-friendly treatments or delivery methods to ensure minimal environmental impact. We offer tree fertilization treatment options to prevent, reverse disease and eradicate pests. Beautiful properties should also be safe for kids, pets and honeybees.

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We offer insect and disease treatments for shrubs as well as trees, which include some of the following more common issues:

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Boxwood pests Eastern Tent Caterpillars Scale Insects Spider mites Bagworms & Webworms Emerald Ash Borer Powdery Mildew Bleeding Canker Fire Blight Dutch Elm Disease

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Tree preservation practices help ensure the viability and safety of a tree for the long haul. In some cases, trees need special cable or brace systems to add supplemental support to weak branch unions. Other trees may benefit from lightning protection systems. All trees benefit from proper mulching- one of the easiest practices to improve and preserve a tree’s health. Technically speaking, all plant health care measures mentioned elsewhere fall under the category of “tree preservation”.

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Most commonly, trees most in need of special preservation tactics are very large trees, which benefit from added safety measures, and old trees, whose longevity may be increased by specialized attention.

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Cable and brace systems, mentioned above, are commonly installed in large trees with compromised branch unions. By adding supplemental support, we reduce stress for the tree as well as the homeowner.

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