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When you are looking for a Willowdale tree service company, Integrity matters. It matters more than technical skill or professional experience. (Both of which we will soon demonstrate on your behalf.) We provide tree removal, tree trimming, landscaping, stump grinding and many other lawn and tree services.

We have direct communication with you about meeting your needs, at a competitive agreed upon tree service price, and with your satisfaction held high above any other consideration.

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We are a trusted Willowdale tree service contractor and lawn care company. We will never mislead you in order to win a sale. Never.

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Local Tree Service in Willowdale, PA Trees add beauty and character to any property, business or residence – but only if properly maintained, their health ensured by thoughtful, professional care. Ask to examine the various licenses Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC has earned.

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Teach about the industry associations to which Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC belongs. You’ll come away confident in our guarantees of performance and choose Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC as your local tree service. Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC offers tree services in Willowdale, PA and surrounding communities.

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Why Choose Us For Your Tree Services? Expert licensed tree expert Affordable prices with free quotes Reliable and local with Yelp Reviews CONTACT US FOR A FREE QUOTE Our List of Tree Services Pruning / Shaping

Tree Removal

Stump Grinding


Fertilization of Trees and Shrubs


Insect and Disease Control

Nuisance Pest Control

Pruning / Shaping The proper pruning of a large tree involves both art and science, both a careful and practiced eye and hands-on skill in the actual cutting of branches. Improperly done, pruning can cause major damage to the tree in the depletion of nutrients resulting from poorly chosen, poorly executed cuts.

Trim Tree Branches Willowdale

We’ll address the canopies of your trees, removing branches that intrude on easy maneuverability beneath the tree, creating better clearance for mowing and generating more light for grass. The process is called “canopy lifting,” and with Abe’s long experience on the job, we’ll force more growth in the upper branches. Expect more shade, more easily accessible shade.

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At Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC and Tree Service we prune with the long-term health of the tree in mind while working to decrease the likelihood of storm damage to the tree itself and to adjacent structures as well.

Call Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC today, and enjoy vibrant, perfectly shaped trees for years to come.

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