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If you live in the Wilmington area and are seeking a reliable and affordable company to provide tree service, including tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, and stump grinding, then we will be more than happy to serve your needs. We serve the entire Wilmington area.

Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC proudly serves both residential and commercial customers, so whether you need your home or business serviced, or both, we can easily accommodate you. We'd love to come out at a time that's convenient to you to give you a free price quote, and we can even give you a price quote over the phone right now for small to medium-sized jobs. We are fully licensed and insured to protect our customers. Tree trimming and removal can be a dangerous job in many cases, and you'll save yourself a great Greenville of time and money by hiring a truly professional company like us.

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You can find even more detailed information on all of our services on the pages of this site. Our tree service includes trimming of even the largest trees on your property, so if you've got some that you think you've waited too long to do anything about, give us a call and let's see what we can do! On our tree service page you can see a photo of that detailed work and see how a hugely overgrown tree became one of the most beautiful trees in the neighborhood! We also take care of tree removal, so if you've got a sickly tree that is blighting the front of your home or taking up too much space in your backyard, allow us to come out and completely remove it for you.

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If you'd like the details on the difference between trimming and pruning, you can find that on our pruning page! When it comes to our business, we consider trimming to be an occasional call to get rid of some branches that are in the way or perhaps large branches that have partially fallen during our area's damaging storms. Pruning is a more regular trimming that's designed to produce a stronger and healthier tree.

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Our experts know the difference between pruning an ornamental tree and a shade tree. They can prune with a focus on health, a focus on aesthetics, or an equal focus on both, depending on what you prefer. We'd love to come out on a yearly basis or even more often, if you like, to keep your trees beautiful and healthy throughout the decades.

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Finally, stump grinding is a service that we are frequently hired for. It's not included in the price of tree removal because it is time-consuming work and not everyone requires it. Many of our customers have had trees removed by other companies in the past and they're just now deciding to have the stumps removed. We're an affordable and smart choice for this because we really put in the time to do it right.

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We go in by hand at first, shoveling away any rocks that can pose a hazard. Then, we take a chain saw and trim as close to the ground as possible. Then, we use a professional grinding wheel to clear out the wood. Once we've ground completely through the stump, we rake up the wood chips and haul them away, or alternatively leave them for you to use as mulch or landscaping material. Finally, we tamp down and rake your soil, spreading a layer of grass seed that you can water and care for until it takes root.

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All of the above processes are of course time-consuming and expensive, and many require professional equipment. This is why it is smarter to call us for your tree service than to attempt it yourself. Oftentimes, it would cost you a great Greenville more to do it on your own! Please feel free to browse the pages of this site for more information about our services and pricing, and when you're ready to speak to us about scheduling services on your property, just send us a quick email or give us a call. You'll find our contact information prominently on the top of every page of this site for your convenience.

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