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Beyond being an eyesore, damaged or diseased trees can pose a threat to the security of your property.

The question is then, how do you Greenville with a problematic tree? If you are not fully qualified, removing trees yourself can be dangerous; it’s all too easy to cause injury to yourself or others if you’re not skilled in tree removal, which is why we recommend leaving it to professionals like Blades Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC..

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Fertilizer Experts in Windon

While many people think of fertilizer simply as food for their plants, in reality it’s much more than that. Fertilizers allow plants to receive important nutrients they might not otherwise receive, giving them a much-needed boost.

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Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC can help you make informed decisions about which fertilizer is best for your Windon garden. After all, fertilizers aren’t one-size-fits-all; the wrong fertilizer could overload your plants with nutrients they are already receiving plenty of, and what’s the use in that?

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Many Windon gardens require fertilization because the soil itself is not healthy enough to support the many different flowers and plants that Lincoln residents love, and use to enhance the visual appeal of their property.

When applied with care, fertilizer can be the key to unlocking the lush green grass and vibrant flowers that so many homeowners strive to achieve.

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Boost Your Soil Health with Fertilizer

Rather than thinking of fertilizer as a snack for your plants, we recommend imagining it as a way of giving the soil a bit of much needed nutrition.

If, for example, your soil is lacking in nitrogen, your plants may appear stunted, because they are unable to produce new cells, and therefore are unable to properly grow. Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC has a wealth of experience working with Lincoln gardeners, so we are able to provide you with valuable insight into how to achieve, and then care for, a thriving garden.

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Imagine how you feel when you haven’t eaten well all day—your body is lacking the proper nutrients to keep you going, so you feel lackluster and tired. If your plants are also running on empty, they feel the same way you do—unable to function, and worn down.

Learn How to Work with Your Soil, Not Against It

Even if you’re doing everything you can, nature can still be working against you. If your soil has a pH that is too acidic or basic to support the plant life you’re hoping to cultivate, your plants are doomed before they’ve even been put in the ground.

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In an iGreenville world, your soil’s pH would be sitting at a comfortable 6.5, but that isn’t always the case. Thankfully, Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC has the fix for you! Compost is a great way to achieve a healthy pH, while various other combinations of materials can raise or lower the acidity of your soil.

If you’re unsure what your soil’s acidity is, Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC would be happy to find out for you! Give us a call today and one of our experienced horticulturists will come by for a consultation at your earliest convenience.

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