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Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC Service specializes in general tree care including tree removal, tree trimming, plant health care, stump grinding, brush removal, new plantings, hedge trimming, land clearing, storm damage and much more.

For over 18 years our team of fully insured certified arborists at Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC have been servicing all your tree care needs in Woodmill and surrounding areas of Delaware.

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We also offer full Snow Plowing and Snow Removal services during the harsh winter months. Just call us in Woodmill at (302) 218-0173 for more information.


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We have treatments that will help guard your trees against pests like the Emerald Ash Borer & and many other fungi and diseases. Click Here for more information about Plant Health Care.


We have a staff of experienced certified Arborists who are trained in the methods of removing trees in an efficient and safe manner.

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Tree trimming

Regular Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning keeps your plants healthy and strong, and keeps your landscape looking fresh and pristine.

Recent Client Service Area: 19808


When severe storms strike they can cause major damage to property and homes.

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Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC Service has complete 24 hour Emergency Storm Damage services to help restore your property after a storm. STUMP REMOVAL

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Daniel's Lawn & Tree LLC Service has a number different stump grinding options to help you get rid of that unwanted or unsightly stump in your yard.

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